Committed to taking action on the issues that matter most


We have a moral and legal obligation to increase the supply of housing in Los Altos. By law, failure to do so will result in the loss of local control over development. Morally, we owe it to our police, fire fighters, teachers and others to make room for them to live in the community they serve. I will work with all the stakeholders to affirmatively further affordable housing in Los Altos.

Climate Action and Adaptation

Climate action and adaptation are moral imperatives. Climate change requires us to think globally, but more importantly we must act locally. I support the Los Altos Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) adopted in 2022. I participated in the process to develop the CAAP. Mayor Enander voted against its adoption. I will support the most important policies required to reach the CAAP objective of carbon neutrality for the city of Los Altos by 2035. These forward thinking measures will position our citizenry for a healthy and sustainable future. Mayor Enander is likely to continue to oppose and obstruct.

City Finances

Los Altos has been operating at a deficit. Obviously Covid and other factors were out of our control. But approximately $4 Million in legal expenses this year have been willfully incurred. Most of this liability should have been avoided.